Saturday, May 8, 2004

Wisdom taken from a Wise Guy.

Yesterday morning an oral surgeon removed both of my upper wisdom teeth, quite differently than my dentist did 3 years ago with my lower ones. I went in, lied on the chair, the assistants got everything ready and in walked the surgeon. As I made fists with my hand, the doctor pricked the IV into my arm. I remember looking to the ceiling and then waking up in the passenger seat of my car saying "OK" to Lyndsey as she walked into Eckerd's to fill my prescription. I swear to you I have no recollection of the surgery, of getting into a wheelchair, or even into my car? Lyndsey does swear that I asked if I could have my withdrawn wisdom teeth 3 times! I only remember once. So I'm in day 2 of recovery and I've never missed solid foods so much in my life. Double Daves Pizza Buffet, Egg rolls, Brisket, Cheeseburgers, cookies, I have craved these all day long! This is almost as painful as the soreness in my jaw. The doctor said I should be just about ready for solids on the third day, but I don't think that would be very wise.

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