Thursday, May 6, 2004

Friends - The Last One

I thoroughly enjoyed the season finale of a really great show called "Friends." At 7pm was an hour long retrospective of the show including best of antics of each character and the group as well. Watching these clips really reminded me how much I've enjoyed the show; even though the first 5 years were a lot funnier than the last. I don't think I have a favorite episode, but I definitely have favorite moments. Rachel's closure and Ross' "you're Over me? when were you under me?" line, the game Chandler and Joey played against Rachel and Monica for the apartment was a great piece of writing, and of course tonight's great moments with the twins and Ross' anxiety over the message on his answering machine. Great moments to end a great show. But why didn't they mention anything about Joey moving to L.A.? Seems like this would make sense in creating a nice transition into his show this fall, which NBC did give us a quick glance at during a commercial break. Nice Plug. And tomorrow I'm getting my last 2 wisdom teeth out, wish me luck.

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