Saturday, December 31, 2005

Saying Goodbye.

As the night goes dark, a new day arrives, thus marking 2005, the last year I will live without being a father.

Yep. These 26 years have been quite an adventure. Scarred chins and bike flips. Sports teams and acne creams. Prom King, college ring, marriage zing! This last hour of the year I find myself playing Domino's with my in-laws while eating chocolate chip cookies with ice-cold milk. In about 6 hours we'll be on the road back to Atlanta ready to start the next quarter on Monday.

At least I got to be an Uncle before the year ended. I'm not sure I could have handled TWO major events in one year...wait a minute...I'm having a baby in May AND I'm graduating in October, holy cow!

R.I.P. Patrick Crenshaw

Patrick Crenshaw
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Most recently known for his role as "Blue" in OLD SCHOOL, Mr. Crenshaw, 86, died Wednesday at his Fort Worth home. Lyndsey was looking through the Ft. Worth Star Telegram when I noticed the obit. It seems like this guy was in everything, or at least he stood out in everything he did. Back in the old days he had guest appearances in ALICE, DIFF'RENT STROKES, and MORK & MINDY. There aren't too many 'seniors' that can steal a moment from Will Ferrell the way Mr. Crenshaw could. Rest in peace.

Friday, December 30, 2005


The Baby
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I think you've seen my brother, Chris, once before, well now you get to meet Danielle, his wife. Last night; actually, this morning they witnessed the birth of their first child. In the nursery, Chris mimes through the window that Spencer is 6 lbs. 13oz. After his first bath, the baby gets to visit mom for the first time since delivery. Un-friggin'-believable.

I Am Spencer.

Spencer Thomas Puckett
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And you can call me Uncle Jason. Meet Spencer Thomas Puckett, my first nephew. The first grandchild for my folks. They've told the story 3 or 4 times already and have nailed the wording and inflections. Mom, dad, and baby are all doing well. Lyndsey and I are excited to be aunts & uncles and have a new perspective on our forthcoming birth in May. Just being in the waiting room, and checking out the other newborns, listening to them cry and watching them stretch and yawn was surreal. Congrats Chris and Danielle.


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That's why it's called the waiting room. There's nothing else you can do. I guess you could read a book, access the web via wireless connections, or sleep. We got the call at 2:45am, Danielle's water broke and she was 6cm dialated. Did you know that my brother and his wife were expecting? We got to the waiting room around 3:30am, the baby was born at 4:26. This panoramic is also a test in the digital capabilities of our new camera, a mighty good Christmas present. 3 shots, 'stitched' together.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Movie Ketchup.

Before the holidays began I had been a little behind in my movie watching; I still am actually. But this time off has allowed for a little more movie time. The strange thing is that now I'm on the verge of fatherhood and my perspective is starting to skew.

Take 1: DVD's. I rented "The 40-Year Old Virgin" and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" last week; both pretty good. VIRGIN was hilarious, with defintely some classic moments. It was the Unrated virgin, uh, version so I'm not sure what was new to the DVD, but it was more raucous and vulgar than I had imagined. 3 years ago I might not have said the same thing. SMITH was smart and had some well-crafted action sequences; but I couldn't help but wonder, "Could Lyndsey be a hired assassin?" She always comes home tired after work and has a propensity for lists of detailed wonder. Hmm?

Take 2: In Theaters. Had a 2-for-1 day with "The Chronicls of Narnia" and "Syriana" last week. NARNIA I really had no interest in seeing. Hadn't read the books, and the previews didn't tell me what anything was about. It had done so well, and the timing was perfect for my 2-for-1 day that I had to check it out. Great. Great. Great. I was sucked in immediately through the conflict and misunderstanding of the 4 children. No one believes Lucy and her adventure in the wardrobe, Edwards constant bickering with Peter, and his introduction to the White Witch just killed me. The idea of the Witch luring Edward into her carriage with candy made me think of all those horror stories of child abductions. "Come here little girl, I'll give you a ride home." OH MY GOD! My Parental Guidance level shot through the roof. Needless to say I got way too involved in that film but it was a great ride. SYRIANA was a completely different type of film. A great film, yes, some extremely intense moments and excellent writing. In one scene, and I'm not really giving anything away, a child dies in a swimming pool with a loose electrical circuit. A Child. A Swimming Pool. Scared me to pieces! Lesson: Do not go into a swimming pool at night that does not have a light on inside of it. A complicated picture about Oil and Foreign nations, and this is the scene that struck me.

Take 3: King Kong. Though their aren't necessarily any kids in this movie, one could easily argue that KONG is just a big kid in this picture. That moment on the cliffside when Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) does her vaudeville routine for KONG was sheer pleasure. His giddiness, his laughter, his playful side is done so well, I couldn't help but picture myself cooing and giggling and making faces for our little baby and watching the joy in their eyes. I mean, I do that when I play with our dog, Ranger. It's fantastic! Their are truly some precious moments in this delicate and adventurous film. 3 years ago I might have said the most pleasurable moment was the Kong v. T.Rex fight...that was actually the 3rd best moment.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Critique Mystique.

So I'm down to one last project to finish before critique tomorrow night. It's my chair. It's a chair. One I've designed about a largely controversial topic amongst the shy. Interaction. Discovery. The fear of the next step. I've been in an out of this phobia all my life. Generally after a major step, I hide, until I build the strength to do it once more...which is 2 minutes, 2 weeks, or 2 years.

I've kept this final part of the quarter to the end hoping my Architectural skills will spring into place and knock out these final drawings. There are some sketches on the table, a phase One model, and a mind soaked in anticipation. Time to take that next step.