Thursday, January 27, 2005

Movie Break.

I'd like to take a moment here to talk about the recent Academy Award nominations. In my history of film appreciation, I have never missed so many films in one year as I have in 2004. I've always looked forward to the awards season from nominations to online contests and finally the show itself. This year, I don't feel like I can honestly say anthing should win because I haven't seen anything! In fact, let me mention it one more time, I haven't seen any of the big nominated films this year. From the top nominees, I've only seen one, "Sideways." This was a fantastic film, also a hilarious book, and I will pick up the DVD when it comes out, but it won't win Best Picture...probably just the screenwriting nomination. "Million Dollar Baby", "Finding Neverland", "Ray", "The Aviator", "Closer", "Hotel Rwanda", "The Incredibles", and "The Passion of the Christ" are all big movies this year that I've missed. Thankfully 2 of my favorites this year made some of the categories, "Collateral" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." Perhaps I'll still be able to catch at least The Aviator before the big show. Props go to Jamie Foxx, Natalie Portman, Brad Bird, "Super Size Me", and Thomas Haden Church...hope some of you win next month. For a complete listing, go to

Thursday, January 13, 2005

End of Week Two.

School is now challenging on an even higher level than last quarter, so for those that still don't quite understand what kind of stuff I'm doing here, I thought I might fill you in a bit. Grab a coffee, and enjoy.

Type II. After Type I, I thought we couldn't get into any more detail with Typography, but that's because I didn't know better. Here we're breaking type down to the parts of a letter, what they mean, type styles based on these letter parts, how they work, typefaces that can work together and why. I will never look at Helvetica the same way again. Final project here will be a 10-14 page brochure for something not yet announced to us.

Design II is about identity systems (logos, letterhead, envelopes) and promotions, plus we picked an Artist out of a hat and all our work revolves around the style and promotion of that artist. I reached in the cup to find that Frida Kahlo chose me. Yes, our instructor believes that WE don't choose the artist, they choose us. It really has proven true based on my classmates and the artists' that chose them. Deliverables are the identity system above, a poster, and a promotional product with packagaing.

My Color + Communications class revolves around seeing color, understanding it, breaking it down, and seeing how color palettes are used in projects, buildings, and aesthetics to communicate the idea you want. We've chosen a 'place' around town (for me it's the Starlight Six Drive-Inn, go figure), shot photos, developed a 20-30 color palette, and will develop a box of cards, a set of 12 or so with 5 or 6 different designs, promoting the place using the color palette of the place.

I've got a Photography and Writing class team taught by 2 profs, 1/2 the class is photography - learning the camera, depth of field, shutter, telling a story with a photo, etc. Different assignments each week that will lead to our final project. Other 1/2 of the class is about writing, learning metaphor, simile, dialogue, narrative, telling the story with words, utilize the senses, engage the reader to create a picture. Wonderful in class 20-min writing prompts, homework are writing examples, short stories, based on a single statement, or character, etc... Final project will be a hardbound, accordian fold book, one side photography, other side writing, telling a story, which we will create, most likely something personal. They really push developing personal life stories in our projects, the angels and the demons.

Lastly, Quark II, a page layout class. Had Quark 1 last quarter, no project, just learning the program. This time, more details, really learning what it can do and how to use it, also a bit of Photoshop tips and tricks for cool details. A huge project on this one. Create a target audience for a fictious extended-stay hotel which we'll develop, concept the amenities, location, name, then create a logo, a 12 page Brochure/pamphlet selling this place, and packaging for a product at this place (restaraunt menu, bar soap boxes, postcards, whatever).

So, that is what my quarter looks like. 5 classes, huge projects, 10 weeks. Wish you were here.

Saturday, January 1, 2005

Jason and the Giant Peach.

For the first time in my life I saw the PEACH drop. That's right, peach, not million dollar crystal ball. Here I am in Georgia, some would consider the east coast. After spending my whole life in the Central Time Zone, you wouldn't believe how excited I was to experience a New Year time change in official EST, what the networks consider el primo tiempo zono. Lyndsey and I had a couple friends over for dinner, drinks, games, and to watch the ball drop. 3 out of 4 isn't that bad. In Downtown Atlanta, 40,000 people gather to celebrate the new year by watching a Giant, non-million dollar, orange fruit drop from a tall post. I know, just watching anything drop from the sky to celebrate a new year seems ridiculous, but the New York special was nowhere to be found on Atlanta television. No Regis, no history, just a peach and the local newscasters. The only highlight of the show were some great tunes provided by Sister Hazel. So I want to welcome everyone to 2005, a year of new beginnings, exercise programs, and many creative directors using the the 2 and 5 creatively and interchangably in many programs, brochures, and posters. Have fun everyone!