Tuesday, May 17, 2005

This Week in 3 Weeks.

Couple of exciting things happening this week, one of which happened today. SEINFELD Season 4 is released on DVD today and Thursday marks the opening of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The mere mention on this website reflects the level of importance and anticipation I have for the subjects. Only to be followed with a quick sigh at the thought of not being able to partake in such greatness (or possible greatness for Sith) for a few more weeks. The clock ticks down on the spring quarter at school and my work load peaks as final projects filter from my sliced fingertips. What is a Seinfeld/Star Wars fan to do? Absolutely nothing, hoo-ah! Just have to be patientl. The Junior Mint, The Outing, The Implant, The Contest – all have to wait. Even Anakin has to wait a few more weeks before Darth Vader can rise. In fact, I invite all you out there to join in the waiting process. Let's do this together. Ah, who am I kidding.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Belated Birthday Greetings.

So I'm mentally in the dog house for not mentioning to everyone that my beautiful wife, Lyndsey, celebrated her 25th birthday last Thursday. I had planned to talk about it earlier, but didn't want to give the plans away in case she were to peruse this online periodical. It was a great evening. I surprised her with dinner at Benihana's, the fantastic Japanese hibachi grill, both our favorites . Our fellow Atlanta-Texans, Chris and Jana Duke joined us and I must say the Shrimps were top notch! I want a Benihana chef at home. Lyndsey opened only one gift Thursday morning after she woke up, a pair of pants that were too big and a blouse that was too small. Hey, it's my first birthday shopping trip as a husband, someday I'll get it right. The other presents she had already received within the prior three days. I couldn't help myself. Lyndsey, I love you, congratulations on another great year, this next one should be just as great. Although, we did get married during this past birth year...