Friday, January 16, 2009

New Year. New Blog.

Well, at least a new look. Updating has been kind of a drag since I started up on Facebook. It's easier to post photos and videos and keep daily updates without showering my opinions on the world or telling you about my excitement over Blu Ray. Does it even matter to you? I hardly even know if anyone reads anymore.

Maybe if I had more of a hook, like Willie and his illustration Fridays. How about 'Moody Monday Picture'? You know, really, the most exciting and interesting subject I could routinely blog about is Ian. He's 2 and a half now, and everyday or so says or does the most incredible thing. His wit, sensibility, memory, or sheer humor always makes us laugh. And why not start today.

We went to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes off 635 @ MacArthur and passed The Home Depot on the way. Ian happily pointed it out, "there it is, there it is, Home Depot." On our table at the restaurant are some words printed out in stencil lettering: Homemade Soup, Fresh Salad and Focaccia Bread. Ian asked what the letters said, and Lyndsey promptly read them aloud guiding across each word with her finger. Staring intently, Ian said, "no mommy, it says 'Home Depot."

He recognized the stencil letterforms of the Home Depot logo as the stencil letterforms of the words on the table. Instant connection. Reading, without reading. He's a smart kid.