Friday, April 30, 2004

Action this Day to Win!

Saturday marks the 130th Kentucky Derby and the 1st anniversary of my interest in the sport. My co-worker, Aubrey, has been into the game for quite some time and where I talk about movies, he talks about horse racing. I went with him to the dog track once and had the greatest time learning lessons on betting. I've seen a couple of the horses racing this weekend on shows lately, and have only heard the stats from Aubrey. As an amateur, my gut says, Bet on the horse with the Best Name! With 20 horses in the lineup, there are a lot of names to choose from. Horses named Minister Eric, Smarty Jones, Read the Footnotes, and Quintons Gold Rush. If your Uncle Eric is a minister, there's your winner. If you love Jean Claude van Damme, then bet on Lion Heart. As for me, I'm looking for a horse with the most powerful name in the group, ready to take on the Derby and mark his day in history. $2 on Action This Day to Win, please! With 30-1 odds, I just might be able to get my fiance a little something nice.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Alanis is Back!

So I should be asleep, but MSN had an exclusive performance of a new song by Alanis Morissette, and I had to watch it. Acoustic version. Wow. Watched the video for the song, and WOW. This is a really great track. Love the seamless effect of making it look like one single shot all the way through, similar to Hitchcock's Rope. "Everything" - her new single, album out May 18. Very strong, confident vocals. She has always been hit and miss with me, well this one knocked me off my feet. Wonder if iTunes has it yet?

Facets of Thursday

From not wanting to wake up this morning to having to work a little late this evening, my Thursday turned out longer than expected. Got to work, printed my A/V schedule for the day and was immediately/frantically called away to help a meeting in-progress. No big deal, it all worked out, the meeting presenter didn't know how to Un-Mute the microphone, now he does. And everyone loves pushing buttons! Later we experienced some troubles dialing up a Videoconference. The TeleCom guys were checking ISDN lines, IT guys were checking the network lines, and us A/V guys kept testing for solutions. After reseting the system time after time after time, all of sudden it worked. You ever have a day where no matter what you do, nothing seems to go right? Well at least it didn't involve any senior Management. On the flipside, I received a late email from Mom wanting to meet up for dinner, which was cool. I love when mom buys dinner, makes me feel like I'm in college again. We went over a few things for a bridal shower she's throwing Lyndsey with some folks in Brownsville. These generally turn out to be very interesting events so I hope it works out. Hey, someone remind me to pay rent tomorrow. Thanks.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Special day for a Special Person

April 28th is the lovely birthday for my bride-to-be, Lyndsey, and I want to wish her a very happy and fulfilling day! Last night I mentioned my new blog to her and how excited I was to start it. I thought it really was going to be tough figuring out what I wanted to write about. Work, television, art, something I saw out the window. She asked if I knew what to write today, not thinking I said "No." And she graciously replied, "You can wish me a happy birthday!"......This is why we are meant to be together. So Happy Birthday and I'll see you this weekend.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The First Blog

Ok, so here we go, day one, blog one, skipping onto the wagon, with a smile, my cell phone and a head full of caffeine and worries, but that is beside the point. Hopefully each and every day you'll get a little insight, a little gift, or a headache from my thoughts and goings on as I begin a new online journal; at least I'll try. Remember to let go of all grammatical and punctuational knowledge you learned in English class over the years, because I love fragments, run-ons, exclamation points, and semi-colons; even though, I'm not alwyas sure they're in the right place. Did you catch that? Good. Tonight I'll keep it short and simple by welcoming myself (and yourself) to the bumper-to-bumper traffic on the information superhighway. Thank you for reading and feel free to bookmark this site for future enjoyment. File under miscellaneous.