Saturday, March 18, 2006

Criti–Size Me.

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Thursday night I completed mt 6th quarter with a critique of my final work. Only had 3 panelists this time around as the 4th got moved into another group. From left, Scott McBride, Linda Doherty, and Gary Weiss provided me with one of the best crits I've had during the program. Not that my work was the best its ever been, but the discussion was the best. It wasn't so much of a critique as it was a conversation; which is strange because that's something I refer to on my website. They loved my presentation, could sense the pathos in my process and brand understanding; but some of the work fell flat. The hype didn't equal what I showed.

What you see here are the panelists wearing 3-D glasses I provided them to use for my Atlanta Symphony Orchestra poster. Check it out at my website. On the table you'll also find some of Kraft Food's pieces, ASO book (by Gary) and postcards with a slight hint of my Mondavi wine bottles. The magenta mini-books are a promotional piece I worked with Nick Skyles (Boats and Stars blog) on. From a 2-day workshop, in which Nick and I completed the piece in 2 days, 5 weeks later, we created a Be A!ert campaign on how young girls can protect themselves on the web. Came with a button to add to their fashion accessories.

Now we get a 2 week break before the next quarter and it is welcomed. It's going to be an exciting and strange quarter starting in April. With Ian on the way, tough classes on the roster, and some close friends out of town on internships, I'll be spending a lot of time at home.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Observation of D.

Everone has their own unique way of listening to music. Thanks to iTunes, you can also have a unique way of organizing the music that you listen to. From 5-star rated playlists, to everything by R.E.M., to specific lists you make with Sinatra followed by Soundgarden. Most of the time I put it on shuffle and let the gods do the playing. My friend Joseph, has all his tracks rated and occasionally checks out his 0-star list for songs he hasn't ever listened to. Mike on the other hand has a strict "no-shuffle" policy and must listen to an entire album chronologically before going on to something else.

To shake things up a little, I've been picking a letter. Last week I started with 'M', and listened to all my tracks that start with the letter M. When I get to the end, I choose a new letter. It could be at home, at school, my laptop, or directly from my iPod. The other day I went to 'D'. The first track was "D'yer Mak'er" by Led Zeppelin. Then came U2, Depeche Mode, U2 again, Led Zeppelin again, not too bad. 2 hours later, I noticed I was singing a particular word quite often. That word was "Don't". Out of the 70 tracks starting with the letter 'D', 10 of them started with the word "Don't." I haven't been through the entire alphabet yet, but that seems like quite a large percentage.

Don't Cry
Don't Do It
Don't Fade on Me
Don't Follow
Don't Go Away
Don't Know Why
Don't Look Back in Anger (twice, studio and live unplugged version)
Don't Speak
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

2 of those are songs by OASIS. They obviously feel very strongly about certain things that should not be done. If I come across any other letter anomolies, I'll let you know.