Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ready, Set, Launch.

Welcome to Puckett Design



judah said...

it's so great to see your work, jason! you've done some awesome things. best of luck to you in your remaining semester.

i really miss the atl and hope all is well with you.

RagingCapitalist said...

this is some really nice work, pucko. keep it up.

Kaye said...

It is great to see it all in one place at one time!!!

We are proud of you and your work.

evan said...

my favorite, so far at least, is the symphony poster.

evan said...

Regarding the design of the site:

1. I think the submenus could be a little clearer. The background is dimmed behind the submenu items, but it isn't as clear as it could be that it is the users chance to get more specific. Partly i think this has to do with the puzzle pieces in the background -- the text doesn't stand out in the same way that it would on a plain background.

2. I think on each major page there should be something to see besides just a submenu. For instance, when i go from Pieces main page to the main Packaging page...the content area is empty. (It's empty because i need to choose a subarea, but that isn't clear and it confuses me).

That's all for now with unsolicited website design feedback! ;)