Friday, December 30, 2005

I Am Spencer.

Spencer Thomas Puckett
Originally uploaded by jtpuck.

And you can call me Uncle Jason. Meet Spencer Thomas Puckett, my first nephew. The first grandchild for my folks. They've told the story 3 or 4 times already and have nailed the wording and inflections. Mom, dad, and baby are all doing well. Lyndsey and I are excited to be aunts & uncles and have a new perspective on our forthcoming birth in May. Just being in the waiting room, and checking out the other newborns, listening to them cry and watching them stretch and yawn was surreal. Congrats Chris and Danielle.

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Anne-Davnes said...

That's a fabulous picture. Just look at those feet, those toes! Can you imagine being that brand new? I've heard one of the fun parts of parenthood is watching your child learn, discover new things and stitch them together to form an opinion of the world. Cool thing is that you get to rediscover the world all over again yourself. It must give you a new perspective.