Tuesday, May 4, 2004

"Hall of Dishonor"

Checked The Battalion today, Texas A&M's own student newspaper, and found a very interesting article. It seems the A&M chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas posted a list on their website of A&M professors they feel are biased in the classroom. Now, I've never had any of these professors. I consider myself to have views on multiple sides of political agendas, and most of you know that I am also a graduate of Texas A&M; but, I have to say that I find this whole concept rather alarming. Check the article out, if it's not on the front page of the Battalion website, then click here. I understand if you get upset with or want to question a professor's point of view, or teaching methods, but to post a list suggesting not to take these professors? That's insane?! I mean, what if the profs came together and posted a list of students' names on their department corkboard saying "watch out for these students, they are excited about class!" We used to just tell each other whom not to take because their tests were too tough, or you couldn't understand them, or they only taught one section and it was MWF Afternoon! I say, congrats to the profs for getting a rise out of their students. Encouraging students to form their own opinions is a positive thing. That's what learning is all about! The thoughts and ideas reflected in this post do not reflect those of Texas A&M University, The Battalion, or their affiliates.

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