Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Time Drags its Feet

I wish it were Friday already. With a big weekend planned and a holiday on Monday, I'm anxious for the weekdays to end. Plus there's some huge events happening at work in the next few weeks and the wedding in July, my birthday in August, my emotions are dehydrated Ramen noodles. Even my brain is reacting in slow-motion. To prevent this, I just have to complete some menial tasks, right? Productive, yes, educational, even better. The more the merrier. Laundry, apartment re-organization, finish reading my book, update this blog [check]. And I'll take my watch off. If this works, it will be June before I know it. What are the metaphors? Time is of the essence? Time flies when you're having fun? Because this week, time drags its feet.

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