Friday, May 28, 2004

Fun with Elevators

At the Anadarko Tower, we've got 15 inch monitors in each of the 16 Public Elevators that displays industry news, company events, weather forecast, and our stock price. When a monitor experiences troubles, one of us in A/V services gets a call to check it out; and for the last few weeks we've had persistent trouble with PE1. Our elevator contractor was here with my supervisor taking a look at the cords and connections supplying the signal to the monitor, experimenting with ways to fix it, and I was there to relay how the image was changing with each test. So I got into a short conversation with the Elevator Guru about speeds (ours run 700 ft/min - fairly standard for 30 floors), the controls, differences between ours and other building's elevators, and I had to ask about the ceiling 'escape' panel often used in movies like Speed, Mission Impossible, or The Game. And YES, they Do exist! Then my boss asked about any bad elevators in the area, and the guy mentioned the Del Lago Resort and Conference Center on Lake Conroe. Apparently it's so sketchy, not even he would ride it! You know an elevator should be off limits when an Elevator Scientist is even afraid to ride in it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm kind of scared of any elevator!!