Thursday, May 13, 2004

Summer at the Movies.

Entertainment journalists have said this year's Summer Movie Season started last week with Van Helsing; but for me, it starts tomorrow with TROY. I haven't really had a 'summer at the movies' since college, and I probably never will again, but if I was given the chance to have just one more...this would be it! Big Effects, Big Stars, unique directors, and some really great stories to throw in the bag. So Here's my summer movie mix tape in chronological order of release date, sorry I'm a sucker for the mainstream. MAY - Troy; Love Me if You Dare; Shrek 2 (of course!); The Day After Tomorrow; JUNE - Harry Potter 3 (looks better than the first 2 combined); The Terminal (Spielber+Hanks=awesome); Spider-Man 2; JULY - Before Sunset (but I'll have to show Lyndsey 'Before Sunrise' first); Undertaking Betty; Anchorman (Will Ferrell is a comedic genius); I, Robot; The Village (M. Night brings another thriller); Garden State; AUGUST - Collateral (Michael Mann brings the Bad out of Tom Cruise); Everyone should check out Super Size Me if it's playing in your area. I saw it at SXSW in Austin and it blew me away! Big budget flops will include The Chronicles of Riddick, King Arthur, and Catwoman.

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