Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Shrek is in the Union!

Thank god for the writers and animators at studios like Pixar and PDI/Dreamworks. It's the comic wit and creativity in spoofing other films that makes animation great, and Shrek 2 hilarious! The opening sequence alone must have referenced at least 5 films; and adding The Little Mermaid was genius! Although not as charming and surprising as the first, this one definitely has its moments. From the long ride to Far Far Away, to Pinocchio's panties, and even Puss-in-Boots' catnip, I laughed louder than the 100 kids in the audience combined. With Donkey and Puss stealing the limelight, there is nothing much for Shrek to do except show his emotional side. Thankfully, he is married, this is what happens to men, so we feel for the green guy; at least I do. But to give Mike Myers $10 million for a sensitive side, I don't understand. PDI/DW, thanks for the laughs, you've created another heartwarming crowd-pleaser! And to those reading, make sure to stay through the main end credits for a nice little surprise.

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