Monday, June 28, 2004

The Insidious Internet

The information superhighway can be an evil thing and I'll tell you why. Tomorrow I'm turning in my cable modem and will be unattached from internet access at home for quite a while, and my first thought was, honestly, "What am I going to do?" What if I need information from my email, or check a phone number, or find directions; how will I update this blog? Are we so dependent on internet access that we begin to lose track of our own lives when it's not available? How did the world function before this was created? I poke fun at Lyndsey for always relying on the web every time she has an idea or a question about something, and now I've fallen into her mode. Sometimes having web access can hinder personal growth instead of building it. I've cut valuable exercise, painting, and reflecting time in order to surf the web. But tonight I'm packing up my CPU and peripherals to join the other boxes prepared for the big move and I will not let the insidious internet take up any more of my precious time and worries. However, I will try to find someplace where I can update this blog....I can't leave you in the dark too long.

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