Saturday, June 26, 2004

Apartment Packing.

Starting today, Lyndsey and I have begun packing up and trashing all my belongings from my current place. Coming up on my last week of work and with the wedding two weeks away, we've got plenty of items on are to-do-list. Trashing my junk has actually has been easier than I thought. Kind of used the rule that if I haven't looked at it since I moved from College Station, chances are I wouldn't look at it again. Cards, papers, thing-a-mabobs, gagdets, didley-winks, you name it, I'm trashing it. I've never been a grocery-bagger, and neither has Lyndsey for that matter, but it turns out I'm horrible with the physics and chemistry of packing. My boxes end up being too heavy or I forget to tape the bottom together (I just interfold the flaps); but thank goodness for the common sense know-how of my girl. If today's events were a television show, I'd be Jessica Simpson, Lyndsey would be Nick Lachey, and it would be called "Almost Newlyweds."

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