Thursday, June 3, 2004

Your Floorplan or Mine?

Pre-fabricated homes have been around since the days of the Charles Eames house, but only in moderation. Developers have since taken the 'pick and choose' method even further around the states with multiple options and upgrades for your new home. I like the idea of pre-fab homes. I like Eames' case study homes. I like that it can be affordable, with unique materials, and ready to move into in just a few months; yet I can't seem to get past driving through a neighborhood and seeing multiple versions of the same house, only with different colors, or mirrored floorplans, and that same tree in the same place on each lot! Call me a house snob, fine, but blame my studies. Although I don', when you're not rich, there really is no way around it. We will all live in somewhat of a pre-fab house because of affordability. I have accepted it and anxiously await its arrival. However, sometimes, even Pre-Fab can be unique...Welcome to The Glide house. Very nice, but it probably wouldn't work too well in some areas of Texas. Make sure to check out the construction photos for a real definition of Pre-Fab.

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Alena said...

I agree absolutely. I think I would build one if I had enough cash flow!