Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Last Comic Standing.

For those of you who think I might watch a little too much televsion...maybe you should just get Cable...or maybe you're right; but I just fell in love with another great reality show. (see title of this blog entry) Where comics test their talent and writing by performing in front of a live audience and a cast of comedic judges. Hosted by Jay Mohr (Bob Sugar in the film Jerry Maguire), and in it's second season, LCS is a hit without even trying! Bring in a bunch of comics looking for a big break, record their short sets, life stories, interview the judges, and edit together to form a series. Brilliant! Last night, Bob and Ross (talent bookies for the Tonight Show) toured the states hosting Open Auditions, then gave callbacks a second chance, before making an official round of cuts. You could easily see the Fireworks from the Bombs, which included a guy called 'BuckStar' - who visited 7 of the auditions around the nation before even getting a Callback! Of course he didn't make the next cut. Tonight, the survivors performed in front of a larger audience with new additional judges (like Colin Quinn), and everyone was hilarious! Keep you're eye on Todd Glass, Corey Holcomb, and Dan Ahdoot, whose set about choosing comedy over medical school at Johns Hopkins was a riot! I liked those guys. Jim Norton and Monty Hoffman are also familiar faces from television and might have an edge. Semifinals are next Tuesday @ 8pm on NBC. Check it out if you love comedy!