Saturday, November 4, 2006

Sign on the Line which is Dotted.

Offer Letter
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I've wondered what it would feel like to present my portfolio in actual, private interviews with real firms I hoped to work for, and this week I've been able to do it. Met with some great people, spoke with some great companies on the phone, and really got a sense for the design community in Dallas. It's a tight-knit group where everyone knows everyone. Competition or not, they want each other to succeed and do good work.

Self-actualization, career goals, company culture, and of course good work, were deeply considered these past few days. At one point I had called a couple of my respected design colleagues, looking for analytical assistance. We are our worst critics, and coming to terms with my own skills, opportunities for growth, and personal views on what kind of company I feel represents who I am and what I believe in (much like the process of making my portfolio) were all part of the job search.

So I've decided to take a job as Art Director with MasonBaronet. They are a marketing communications firm that really takes charge of every brand that comes through their office. They handle advertising and design in all their glorious forms. There's about 12 people in the office, one of which is Paul Jerde, Creative Director. We've had many great discussions this week and I look forward to working with him and soaking in everything I can.

I actually had my first day on Friday, and I must say, it feels good to be back on the computer working on projects again. It was just one piece with a few different aspects to it, but I was sucked into it. Even skipped lunch without knowing laying out this brochure 6 or 7 different ways. The biggest challenge is going to be getting used to designing for real, actual, take-to-press, projects for real, actual companies that hired us to do this. I'm sure I'll figure it out.


a/ok said...

Congrats!!! I am so happy for you. You're gonna do great.

Roger said...

congrats Jason you rock! how exciting, a real life art director. no doubt.

evan said...

you sound subdued here but I'm sure you're excited. congratulations!

Luis said...

Congrats Puckett!! You'll do great and by this time next year you'll be their crafty "go-to" guy. Best of luck to you and enjoy work with no school!! :)

Jason said...

Evan, if I sound subdued, it's because I'm worried about my skills and being able to produce when asked to. The only way to get over this phase is to face it, head on.

I am extremely excited. I just have soo much to learn.

k said...