Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Texas on TV.

It's not a secret to say that Austin has become this generation's version of Hollywood. I'm not from there and I don't live there, but I have been to SXSW 3 times, I read Aint it Cool News, and I love the Alamo Drafthouse. With guys like Robert Rodriguez, Richard Linklater, Mike Judge, and Harry Knowles (and Dentler of course) at the helm of this land of appreciation, it's no wonder they've finally struck a nerve.

Take Monday night's NBC one-two punch of HEROES and STUDIO 60. Last night the Hollywood town of Texas got a mention in each show. In HEROES, the Japanese time bender, Hiro (note the name coincidence), mentioned to his lady friend the chance to go to the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin to see some Kurosawa films. An hour later, Matthew Perry cracked a joke about a target audience that reads Aint-It-Cool-News. I wonder if these guys A. really like Austin or B. are referencing these sites to reach an audience of their own. HEROES: A. STUDIO 60: B.

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