Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Friends in High Places.

It's not selfish to say that I have my blog bookmarked in my Safari browser. The reason is because on my blog I have links to some of my other fellow blogger friends and more often than not, visit their sites for the latest going ons. Tonight I was fortunate enough to visit Aldo's (The Capitalist) site a few days after his recent post. Aldo is in Argentina on business. He wanted to let everyone know. And he wanted to post some other links to fabulous Aldo content.

Thankfully he listed an article written by one of our dear friends from back home, Matt, whose blog for the SXSW Festival is also listed in my links section. It was a link to Matt's last article as Music Editor for The Daily Texan at U.T. It's a great commemorative piece for the guy as he discusses his thoughts on graduating and moving on, written over a year after 9/11. Four years later and Matt has become a high profile producer in the festival circuit.

Thanks Matt for the mention and your prediction of local Austin band, Spoon, was right on the money.


evan said...

you and all of your blogging friends need to get with something really cool and much smarter than bookmarks. try something like bloglines or google reader. these web based programs take all of the work out of checking your friends' blogs. you just subscribe to them! e a s y.

so first, subscribe. then -- just like email -- you go check your subscriptions in one convenient inbox for the web.

I'm using Google Reader now and it has helped me keep up with the sites and the specific news i care about. And yes, you jason are on my subscription list.

Roger said...

i'll update you soon. been busy. hope family's well.