Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Hard Days Night.

I'm sure you've all figured out that since I've been working, this blog has collected some dust. I'm beginning to think I should change the title of this thing to 'Puckett Every Other Week'. Fortunately, it's all been for a very good reason. After all, blogging does not count for any additional income. So I thought I'd fill you in on my days and nights:

The official hours at the office are 8:30-5:30. As a test to save a little cash, wear-and-tear on the car, and my sanity, I've been taking the Trinity Railway Express to Downtown Dallas. There's a station about 4 songs from the house and the train ride is approximately 7 songs. It drops off at Dallas Union Station, about 8 blocks from the office, where if I chose to I could walk and be at the office in about 3.5 songs. Or I could jump on the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) and be at the office in 2 songs. You see, all this pedestrian time has allowed my iPod and I to become friends again. He's a lot happier when he's playing music than when he was being used as a flash drive. The biggest challenge has been catching the train at the right time. They're really good about staying on schedule and I think I've finally figured it all out.

I've been working on a few projects, catching some quick turnaround deadlines, and keeping our clients happy. Last Thursday, we hosted an Open House to show off our new office space to clients and friends of MasonBaronet. It was a happening gig with food, drink, and music. Lyndsey and Ian joined the fun and got to meet everyone in the office. Ian loved watching the goldfish. I swear, that kid is going to be a Marine Biologist. It's a great space with hardwood and dark polished concrete floors. The best spot is at the production counter around 3:30pm when the afternoon sunlight beams right onto the cutting mat. Printouts never looked so good. At the end of my first week, we had a Happy Hour at the end of the day that included a Champagne toast (and some left over Shiner Bock-good to be back in Texas) welcoming me to the team.

Nights go by pretty quickly. I usually get home around 7:15 after staying a little later and then catching the train. By then, I catch up on dinner and get some play time with Ian before he gets his bath. We all visit and hangout with NBC in the background. Dim the lights around 8:30 calming Ian down to get him ready for bed. He's been having a rough time getting to sleep. I think it's because he misses me all day and wants to stay up and play all night, but that's just me. Lyndsey and I catch up on some things before calling it a night.

I just finished two weeks now which means I got my first paycheck as a Creative. I told Lyndsey she had 3 choices for dinner last night: 1. Bennigans - where I haven't had my favorite Turkey O'Toole in over two years 2. Whataburger - where I haven't had one of their excellent burgers in over two years or 3. Spring Creek Barbecue - which is where we had our Rehearsal Dinner over two years ago & is the home of the most tender brisket in North Texas.

Man, it's good to have Texas barbecue again.


evan said...

I have a challenge. Make a list of every profession/career/job that anybody ever suggests for little Ian. Start from birth and end when you're tired of the game.

What I've heard so far:
Marine biologist

luis said...

why not go to all three?? Go every other day until you feel that you have restocked your body with the food that you missed.

as for evans challenge, knowing Jason's personality I bet that ian's career will be in marketing or sales. Something where he will be constantly in contact with others and trying to excite them over a product. Maybe he'll be a politician. Maybe the political fire jumped over jason but is in Ian. He could be like grandpa puckett. we'll see.