Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Words of Wisdom.

"I believe you can go to school to learn to be an accountant, a doctor, a physicist, an engineer, an astronaut. I am not sure you can learn to be an artist. Artists are born, not made, and the real reason to study the arts is to have fun, learn technical skills, network with other creative types, fall in love with people who are not boring, and do the work you probably would have done anyway."

" a teacher of film appreciation, I believe faculties in the arts are sainted. They must guide, advise, moderate, encourage, teach methods, provide a context, share secrets and declare an informed opinion on the worth of the work. They create a world within which such work is possible and valued. What they cannot do, I suspect, is teach a student how to be original and creative."

- Roger Ebert
taken from a review of "Art School Confidential"
directed by Terry Zwigoff

One of the reasons why I love Portfolio Center is because the instructors believe this too...most of them anyway.

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Roger said...

those are some fine, true words. i see these ideas in the teachers at PC (most of them too). my roommate at scad is missing out.