Sunday, May 28, 2006

Baby Steps.

First Footprint
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It was good to see all ten toes when Ian was born. It was also cool to see how they printed his first steps. There wasn't just a stamp pad that got pulled out of an old drawer for Ian's baby feet to paint with. Technology has advanced even the most primitive printing methods. Instead, the nurse had what looked like a 5x7 inch plastic frame clasping around the edges of a thin transparent sheet over a layer of ink. She laid the frame onto a page and brought it to his feet. His feet pressed against the transparent layer, identity lines pushing through into the ink and onto the page. Voila! Instant footprint without all the inky mess. Very clever, I must say.


Roger said...

thats neat. there's something so primal about footprints. I don't quite remember, but I must have been the kind of baby to enjoy the inky mess. I wonder what Anne will do.

Anne-Davnes said...

I think I'll bring Bimpie by to Emotive Type or Calligrpahy one morning and dip him in ink, pass him around, see what happens. I sure hope he's not ticklish!

erin said...

how perfect tiny feet are.

A concerned Sri Lankan said...

sorry to post an unconnected comment. blogs seem to be the only way now.

(images in the below link are graphic.)

this is not the first incident. nor is it going to be the last.

please help take this monstrosity to the attention of the world. no media reported this.