Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Family Gathering.

A Family Gathering.
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Sure we've got a thousand photos, and sure I could post all of them up on another photosharing site so you can spend some time at work scrolling through an Ian Slide Show; but I'd rather just tell you a bit about some of my favorites.

Ian was born as week 8 of the quarter was about to start. Hank, the PC prez, was thankful enough to offer some excused absences from class, and Borders said 'do what you gotta do.' Luckily, a couple of projects I'm working on don't require space to cut, paint, draw, or use the internet for. Take for example, Typeface Design. I've got my alphabet pretty much sketched out and scanned in, so it's all in my iBook. It's just a matter of tracing letterforms in Illustrator and working with their details. As the Puckett family gathers at the dining table in Room 250, we all get to do something we love.

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