Friday, May 19, 2006

iBaby Update.

Well, Lyndsey completed her 38th week of pregnancy on Thursday with a weekly checkup. It appears that iBaby, Ian, is bigger than we all expected. "Not 10 pounds big, but big," said the doctor. Lyndsey was still only 1 cm. dilated, her blood pressure good, and Ian's heart rate good, but he didn't seem to be dropped into her pelvis. That's where he needs to be in order to make his way out of the tunnel. The doctor thinks he might be too big for Lyndsey's small frame. So next week we'll have another ultrasound to get a better feel for his size and location. If he hasn't dropped any further, we'll have to schedule an appointment for a Caesarean Delivery.

They suggested the possibility of simply scheduling an induction to get labor started, but that they wouldn't let Lyndsey try for very long before administering the C-section. So if they seem pretty sure about his size, we'd rather just schedule it and let it be, we're ready to love this little guy!

A Caesarean had always been on Lyndsey's mind ever since we first started talking about children. She's built like her mom, who also had troubles delivering her first girl and ended up with a C-section...which resulted in the same cut when Lyndsey was born. It's in the genes. Although you may not see it in myself or my brother, tall strong bones are in the Puckett genes. All my cousins on the Puckett side are 6' plus and played either Basketball or Football in high school. Maybe Lyndsey and I will end up being the little people in the crowd cheering for the 6' power forward who averages 10 rebounds a game.


Anne-Davnes said...

Very interesting. In my prenatal yoga class yesterday, we alked about the surrender to a c-section or to any other kind of medical intervention. That you start an internal dialogue with your baby about how they feel they need to arrive into this world. It's all up to them. So in the end, there are no wright or wrongs about the birth process. Just what's best for the baby. Kind of lets you off the hook. Kind of beautiful, actually.

Anne-Davnes said...

sorry - I meant right or wrongs.

Anonymous said...

wow! daddy jason! I was thinking about you all the other day, wondering if your bundle-o-joy had arrived. best wishes for both of you!!

liza g.