Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Clean Artist.

I stopped by a local art supply store to inquire about a part-time job and was asked a unique question that no one has ever asked me before, "So, are you an Artist?"  I've done a lot of creative work, for myself, for others, for class assignments, but have never really thought of myself as an Artist; although, the very simplistic definition of the word is one who creates art.  As I have this conversation in my head, I quickly answer, "Yes", with a proud smile.  And the sales associate/artist behind the counter says, "Really?  You look too clean to be an artist..."  Now that's funny!  I've never read the book on appearances of an artist, but ok, I'll take it and reply with, "Well, that's what I am, a clean artist."  Not exactly sure if that will help or hurt my application.

1 comment:

Kevin said...

I've had the same exact comment before. I guess it's that we are more "designers" than "artists" in the sense of cleanliness.