Sunday, July 25, 2004

Step One Complete.

I am back everyone, glad to see you all again; this time writing from Atlanta, Georgia.  The wedding was beautiful, the reception was a blast, and the honeymoon was an excellent vacation!  Everything everyone says about weddings and receptions for the bride and groom are correct.  It has been officially verified.  Your own wedding/reception is always your favorite.  It does go by in the blink of an eye.  And the photographs are the most important feature of the ceremony.  Thankfully, I can remember every single moment I took part in.  The honeymoon in Curacao was all I thought it would be.  The ocean was beautiful, underwater life was brilliant, the dutch architecture was breathtaking, the restaurants were tasty, and the happy hour was very nice.  Service at most of the restaurants was slow, that is, in comparison to our American standard of "get them in and get them out."  Finally, we've arrived in Georgia with our cars, and have signed a lease on a new apartment which we'll move into in a couple weeks.  Next is the all important job search.  Lyndsey has already had a great start and I just have lots of ideas in mind.  Tomorrow, I'll introduce myself to many local businesses.  Wish us luck.

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