Saturday, July 10, 2004

Wedding Day.

Luckily the hotel has high-speed internet access, so here I am once more, writing on the big day. It's been a great past few days with nothing but success all around. All my buddies from out of town have made it safely and on time, rehearsal went great, and our BBQ dinner was outstanding. Except for an interesting little song number my mother arranged at the dinner, all was as expected. I can't wait to see everyone at the ceremony and reception tonight. It will be quite a party filled with the sounds of mariachi's during dinner. What more could a guy ask for?


Anonymous said...

Jason, what an interesting concept. Posting your thoughts throughout one of the most important steps you will take in life, MARRIAGE....Cool. I will keep reading and posting when appropriate, or sometimes not...Must keep it fun.

Dave Beyelia

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say congrats. And I wish you all the best.

-dave navarro

Anonymous said...

Lindsey and Jason Puckett...Has a nice ring to it. Hope the honeymoon is wonderful...look forward to seeing your next update.
We miss you!
Beth Strohm

Anonymous said...

Wow, you know Dave Navarro? ;) Congrats Jason. I know you guys will be really happy.