Thursday, August 5, 2004

Anji and Lucy.

Since moving to Atlanta, Lyndsey and I have been living with her sister and her beautiful mini-dachsund. Naysayers have spoke their mind about the horrors and worries about living with in-laws, especially for newlyweds, but I must say that our experience has been nothing but fun. We stayed in the guest bedroom, had our own bathroom, and stayed pretty much to our own tasks and assignments while Anji went to work each day. We ate dinner together most of the nights, watched some movies in the evenings, and hung out on the weekends, becoming more familiar with the area. Our only special assignment was to take care of Lucy while Anji was out and during her on-call nights; thankfully, she's great. I love playing with dogs, so running around with a mini-dachsund made for some high quality enjoyment for all of us. Tomorrow our parents are coming to town with our furniture and personal items, so as we move into our new place I just want to say Thank You to Anji, for your accommodations, for your kindness, and for your dog. We will be happy to dog-sit anytime.

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