Thursday, October 5, 2006

Portfolio Teaser.

Drew's Organic Salsa
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Here's a one page glimpse into my final portfolio at school. New packaging for Drew's Organic Salsa, offering a healthy alternative for all the sports fans of the world. Here, the heat score correlates to how close you are to the action on the field. Only a true sports fan knows where his seat is in the stadium; from the upper level down to the field box. I'll also have the complete label posted into my book to fully depict the off-the-shelf experience.

Of course, the actual file will be corrected to a complete white background with minimal shadows. And if you can imagine this page printed to a 12"x18" sheet, the project becomes larger than life. You'll be able to see the cilantro and onions in the salsa, it's fantastic.

1 comment:

liza g said...

Could you come out with a new way to market The Killers new album?

I'd eat the salsa already.