Sunday, October 8, 2006

I Love This Game!

Ian At Turner Field
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Last weekend we got to take Ian to his first baseball game. It was the last Braves series for the 2006 season and it just so happen to be against the Houston Astros. I grew up watching the Astros but have always been a Braves fan; so the opportunity to introduce Ian to both at the same time was perfect.

Overall he did really well, happy to look out onto the field and over the field to Downtown Atlanta. He just got freaked out whenever the announcer would pop up out of nowhere or those taunting stadium chants screamed over the loud speaker. He did however take part in the Atlanta Braves Tomahawk chop late in the game. He fell asleep in the eight inning and was awakened by some monstrous roars as the Braves tried to make a comeback.

Please, city of Atlanta, never wake up my baby like that again.

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Grandma M said...

Oh my goodness! What a great picture! He looks like he really LOVES baseball. Look out RANGERS!