Thursday, April 6, 2006

Holy Stock, Batman!

Sweet & Sexy Duplicate
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One of the perks of working mornings at Borders is that I get to unbox and tag New Release CD's and DVD's before the Tuesday shelf date. I smirk at the new Troma film, gasp at 100 copies of Chronicles of Narnia (in 3 editions no less), and get a quick glimpse a lot of new CD cover art.

This was the first time I saw this: 2 albums with the same stock image. Witness Poison's new 'Best of' record and a 'sweet and sexy' collection of New Urban Jazz, both released this past Tuesday. Reading the stats on the back of one of the albums gave photography credit to Getty Images, the stock capital of the web. So I went and found it with 3 key words...can you guess them? Yep, legs, sexy, and stockings. I figured 'sweet' might not exactly work.

As a student designer, stock photography websites are great places to find images for projects. Depending on the subject matter, it can take 3 minutes (like above) or 8 hours. Often times, 8 hours. As a personal goal for this quarter, if I need an image, I'm going to try and take it myself. I hope I don't need sweet and sexy legs with stockings.


Anne-Davnes said...

I see the same stock images I used as a designer working for the partnership still today. STILL. They're all over.

If you MUST use stock photos - look at IBID. They specialize in black and white photos and are soulfully chosen. Really beautiful stuff.

juan said...

that's hilarious. it reminds me of the chick-lit cliche of having disembodied women's legs and feet on the front cover.

except, you know, Poison rocks.

Anonymous said...

As long as you use that sweet, sexy preggie lady at home as your leg model...