Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Creative Shroud.

The impending duties of fatherhood are upon me...and Ian hasn't even been born yet. It's only 10 after 10 in the evening and I feel like a hand towel wrung up and ready to dry. It's not any different from what everybody else does: laundry, cleaning, household chores. What's draining is that it happens every weekend. With school and projects clouding over my mind for 3.5 days (sleep fills the other half Monday-Thursday), and family man rounding the week, balance is lost. That's not like me. I've often said that family is my biggest inspiration; can you believe film is a distant second. But I can't seem to be inspired in my current projects. Challenged. Yes. Excited. Yes. Inspired. Not quite.

I finally finished McLuhan's "The Medium is the Massage" after wanting to read it since Hank's class 5th quarter. I finally got the book yesterday, and read it in 3 hours. It's over 150 pages and mostly a picture book, so don't get too excited. But it's the pictures that tell a great story. The few words that invigorate the mind. Occasionally, a page and a half of classical poetry not even Mozart could compose. If only I could harness it. My goal would have been to remember a simple 6-word phrase to fill you in on; alas, I would have to grab the book to find it. It's my mind that needs massaging. As an amateur designer, I worry about the real world. I worry about finding inspiration in the everyday. All I can think about is joining my wife in bed, comforting her during these last few weeks before Ian is born. Perhaps he'll be the inspiration I've been looking for.


minus five said...

inspiration is never going to be found in a secret hiding place. it's in life. in your every day activities. and this. being with your wife. as her comfort. that is inspiring. maybe you're looking too hard. it could be that it's right in front of you and always has been.

mcluhan was a great thinker. but we all are great thinkers in our own right. if we'll allow ourselves to be.


Amen to that, Sarah. You are RIGHT NOW living in the midst of, living, breathing, participating fully in this experience we understand as life is inspiration. As Hank says..."often we look but we do not see." AND "often the answer to the question lies within the question itself." So true. You and your life are the answer to your call for inspiration. And that, my friend, is a fine thing.