Thursday, April 13, 2006

Blinded by Chester.

Ranger & the Cat
Originally uploaded by jtpuck.

Chester is the neighborhood cat that drives every dog on the street absolutely crazy. Ranger's favorite thing to do when he sees the cat is make an attempt at jumping through the window, only to find a plate of glass fogged by the warmth of his barking breath. On an occasional afternoon while Ranger is tanning on the back patio, Chester will scurry around the corner appearing face to face with our orange & white pushover. It's a Mexican standoff without guns and moustaches. Today was the mother of all cat teases. Someday I'll unhook the beast and give Chester the scare of his nine lives.


k said...

this is an amazing picture.

Anne-Davnes said...

LOL. That's one of the funniest pictures you've yet to post - or that I've ever seen. I think you should submit it to

Kaye said...

I would photoshop out the second "collar" before submitting it. Should be easy to do!