Thursday, February 2, 2006

Blogging is Connecting.

It's amazing how blogging has impacted our lives today. Every person, every industry, every idea is discussed, analyzed, and commented on everyday. And if you're like some of my dear old friends, you'll type in people's names checking up on them. I wonder if so-and-so has a blog? What are they doing now? WHAM! There they are.

On my previous post talking about my packaging projects, a lady known as the "Packaging Diva" posted a comment on some ideas to consider with my designs. Turns out she's from Atlanta. I mentioned her to one of my instructors, she called her, and now she'll be visiting our class in a couple weeks. Blogging is connecting.

So for those of you that have found this, thanks for thinking of me. Don't forget to bookmark it for updates. If we haven't spoken in a long time and you have some extra time to kill, check the archives to really follow my life each and every day [almost].

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Lorraine Newgard said...

Howdy Jason,
Blogging IS connecting! I had a blog very briefly for a few months last year and Sean Murphy found me (remember him from Fairey's class?) If you ever have a second, drop me a line at I've moved to Denver, started grad school, and will be getting married to an amazing guy named Ryan next year!
Blog on. LSN