Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Packaging Decisions.

So I'll be doing some packaging for 2 classes. For Professional Practices I've chosen to rebrand Robert Mondavi wines. This was to be our 4th project in my Design History class last quarter, but we didn't get to it...and I was pretty bummed. So I'm using that for this class. Should be interesting. Mondavi is into a natural process of winemaking and environmental safety, so I think I may go for a little Jugendstil (German Art Nouveau) inspiration and perhaps a completely hand-done look. Big props to Doobz for his suggestion, he was reading my mind.

Secondly, for Advanced Packaging, we were to choose a nationally known brand to rework in a mass-merchandising format; i.e., products of the same brand found in different areas of a store. I'm gonna take a stab at KRAFT foods. First off, the logo is fairly dull. Secondly, they've been around for over a hundred years, generation after generation of families have passed down the name in their homes. How about a nostalgic approach? Kraft is about comfort; about family. Perhaps the packaging could be a celebration of its heritage? We'll see. The hard part for me is actually doing it.


Packaging Diva said...

You might enjoy this for your project.
13 Packaging Trends That Will Make Consumers Buy In 06

The packaging industry remains in a state of flux with mergers,
acquisitions and buyouts every week. Yet, new products and new
players appear every day. Despite it all, packaging is virtually
recession proof. Simply put, a product needs a package to sell
it, so where would we be without it? Here are some important
packaging trends for 06 that cannot be overlooked by anyone who
wants their products to sell.

Demographics Rule

If you are not on top of these trends then you had better begin
to be. Who buys what is constantly in a state of change. Many
marketers think that it is ok to have one universal package that
appeals to every one. Wrong. Each target demographic has unique
needs. Two very hot packaging demographics include women and

Note: The first boomer turned 60 years of age on 1/1/06. That
means that the largest purchasing demographic can be uniquely
identified through product packaging. If you don't know or
understand what they want, ask me about my special report
Packaging Products for Boomers.

Health Prevails

No matter what age they are, people are genuinely concerned about
their health. They are watching what they consume. The better job
you do in educating this consumer, the more products you can
sell. Consumers will increase their awareness of what goes into
the products they use or eat. A knowledgeable consumer will be
your best customer and the package its where it all begins.

Big Brother IS Watching You

Yes, shades of 1984. With all the advances in intelligent
packaging, product manufacturers really can tell what you buy and
where. This is going to increase with the advent of new and
innovative smart packaging applications. They ultimate goal will
be to track every product from the manufacturer, consumer and
disposal. There is quite a bit of interest around the “cradle to
grave” concept.

Convenience Is King Or Queen

It's all about time or the lack of if. The more you can simplify
consumers’ lives the more you will connect. Think of all the
packaging categories that have developed around this concept.
HMR-Home meal replacement, Grab and Go, and RTE-ready to eat
categories all will continue to improve products and increase
sales. Life is not getting any simpler for the majority of us so
if you can't help through product packaging, step aside because
other company’s products will.

One BIG Happy Family

Globalization will continue unabated. Don't just think US
consumers. Some of the most intriguing products are not developed
in the US. Other innovations will be seen in emerging markets
that are not necessarily in NA.

Focus on Functionality

What can you do for me? Tell me why I should buy your product and
what benefits I will receive from purchasing it. Don't obfuscate.
Seventy percent of purchasing decisions are made in the store in
2.6 seconds. Get to the point and persuade me to buy. Otherwise,
I'll spend my shopping dollars on a product that does.

DYI Body and Healthcare

Consumers are taking charge of their own well-being. They
evaluate wellness and body care products on the deliverability of
benefits. People are reading packages to become well informed
about the value of the product.

Green and Greener

The environment is heating up (and I don't mean global warming).
Companies are building brands around environmentally friendly
products. Think about Wal-Mart and the use of corn-based plastics
in the produce department. One major shift in consumer acceptance
can cause a landslide of new product innovations.

Off the Wall Opportunities

Today's hot category could be tomorrow's loser. Trend tracking is
where the latest action comes from. Be sure and seek out the
latest trends and how they impact your business. If you are not
marketing to women and the 50+ generation, you may be out of
business soon.

Product Security Is Paramount

If you cannot prove that, your product is secure and hasn't been
tampered with, look out. Just look at some recent examples:
poisoned dog food and contaminated milk. Consumers are getting
more and more wary of where products come from and how secure

they remain though the manufacturing process. Look for many innovations

that prevent counterfeiting, tampering, contaminating or any product

Think Value VS Price

What is this product going to do for me? I'll pay more if it
solves a problem. A DuPont-sponsored survey on behalf of Cryovac
found that 72 percent of US consumers are willing to pay more for
improved food and beverage packaging that guarantees freshness.
Wow that can move your product out of the commodity business in a

Product Saturation And Overkill

As more and more brands develop brand extensions, they are
killing the category. Look at the growth of private label.
Branded goods are going to have to work harder to capture a
consumer’s attention. Advertising alone isn't getting the job
done. The demand for private labels will continue to escalate at
the expense of branded products.

Niche Me Please

There are lots of new and exciting niche markets just waiting for
your products. Don’t overlook opportunities to market to new
consumers in unconventional ways. Last but not least don’t
overlook the Internet for you products. Remember packaging
considerations for marketing online are different from
conventional outlets.

So if you want to package products consumers will buy keep the
above in mind and:

Look outside your industry for innovative packaging ideas.

Don't become so “industry” focused that you overlook
opportunities in other markets.

Get grounded in hot consumer trends.

Don't just package hype.

Deliver value in the form of benefits consumers will derive from
buying your product.

Keep current on who is buying what and where and don’t rely on
what worked in the past.


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evan said...

I was reading your blog and the fact that you had chosen the same template from kept bothering me. Not bothered -- inspired me! It encouraged me to hurry up and update my own blog template and make it better for photos. It's something i had talked about since the summer.

So here's the first draft:

Lorraine Newgard said...

I was killing some time before class reading my sister's blog on this site and have been wondering recently about what happened to all the old architecture folk from A&M. I popped in a few names and to my surprise found your blog and read a few entries. I'm so excited for you and Lyndsey!