Sunday, January 15, 2006

QUICK: Rebranding Ideas!

I've got till Tuesday morning to choose a brand, research and analyze for a packaging project. And I have till Wednesday night to choose another brand to research, analyze, and begin sketching ideas on new packaging for an Advanced Packaging class and I can't think of anything. I'd like to do a wine label, or something for women, or a food that might be better in a bottle. Do you have any ideas! I'll give you 24-36 hours to post.

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doobz said...

what about a wine label for a different size or profile of wine bottle? (although there is probably a good reason that i don't know for why wine bottles are the shape they are). or taking over more of the bottle, wine labels are always the same size and in the same location and i think i remember that they don't wrap around the entire bottle. and how would the fact that the glass is transparent impact the label, being able to read it from both sides? what could that suggest?
what about labels at the top and bottom and just glass in the middle, label-glass-label?

womens products? they don't need anything else.

what about something that ian needs or could use?

btw, you graduate in 24 hours from packaging on tuesday to advanced packing on wednesday? that seems pretty darn fast.