Monday, February 20, 2006

Things Are Heating Up.

It's week 8 and the quarter is on the downhill slope. This means it's time to get picky with my projects, get color prints tested, order paper, and finalize design schemes. In other words, STOP BEING LAZY. The Olympics are almost over, the Oscars are coming up, only a couple more childbirth and parenting classes left, but lots of work to do. Add to that today's seminar from Microsoft, which ought to be interesting, and a 2-day workshop I was invited to take part in. By 2-Day, I mean, we actually meet on 2 days, but we have the rest of the quarter to finish the project for critique; i.e., an extra project that wasn't originally on my schedule; i.e, almost too much to handle.

So, let's review:
Professional Practices: Robert Mondavi Wines, a 3-bottle series, picnic set with small bottle, 2 wine glasses and wine key, and a 3-Ad campaign.
Type & Image: 48-page Atlanta Symphony Book, 8 postcards, and a promotional poster.
Advanced Packaging: Kraft rebranding, 5-package series, plus point-of-purchase display (hand rendering), and still possibly a 3 page Brand Positioning Statement (which we haven't really talked about)
Internet Design: Fully functional personal website for use as an online portfolio (I'm about halfway done)
PLUS the Workshop: Graphic Agitation piece, which I'm working with Nick on (see Boats and Stars in the blog list), will be a complicated piece that we haven't quite figured out yet.

Whew, are you tired yet?

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