Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Cruise Hasn't Sailed.

If I was a journalist on the 'Today' show interviewing Tom Cruise, my first question would have been a little different. "So, Tom, don't you have a little film coming out next week? And doesn't it involve one of the greatest masters of filmmaking and his greatest film subject? Tell me about it." And now that I'm thinking about it, my last question would have been a little different as well. "So, Tom, how's Katie doing? Did you think Christian Bale pulled off the character?" I think it's great that he's in love (again). I commend him for wanting to share it with his friends, even if those friends include Oprah's tv show, I don't care about his religious beliefs or what he says. I only care that he continues to make good movies with great people. I wish an interview, news segment, or magazine article would tell me about friggin' "War of the Worlds." I want to know. And you can add me to the statistic that will still see the film regardless of the mumbo jumbo. So, Tom, what do the aliens look like?

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