Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Save River Oaks.

Just read this bit on IMDB and it was the first time I reacted to an IMDB blurb regarding my home state.

The poor River Oaks theatre in Houston just might get replaced with a Barnes & Noble. That's a sad, sad, thing. It's an independent film house in the Rice Village area, a vintage, majestic theatre. Now, I'm not sure how sales have been, but to be replaced by B&N is like getting rid of a '57 Chevy for a MINI. It just doesn't feel right.


minus five said...

dude, i beat you. i'm 74% texan. and i'm going to be in atlanta tomorrow through saturday, so i thought i'd let you know. i'll probably be up at the school with tania on friday, so if you want to head up there and talk about contacts and job hunting crap i'll be happy to help you as much as i can.

Jason said...

sounds good. The most ridiculous question I got wrong was tomatillo sauce being red....woops.

Chronic Outbreaks of Randomness said...

Oh man. That sucks. That trully trully sucks. River Oaks theater is by far one of the few 'orginial' land marks that Houston has to offer.

Just like Cactus Video closed its doors after 30 years of independent service.

Slowly but surely...Houston is becoming developers heaven - well at least in the inner loop.

mark mcpherson said...

hey jason, mark mcpherson here.. came across your blog, what are you doing over there in Hotlanta? shoot me an email at, let me know what youre up to.. later on