Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Soul Explosion.

And by that I'm not referring to a new Aretha Franklin album, I'm referring to the start of my 5th quarter at Portfolio Center. Unbelievable. 4 classes. Corporate Communication - evaluating style and function and the essence of a brand; Message and Content (first class is next week); Adobe inDesign - a multiple page layout program that is finding its way into the industry; and Modernism Theory & Criticism, a.ka Design History, a.ka Hank's class. Hank Richardson, the president of our school and highly respected individual in the field. We met this morning at 5:30am, yes 5:30, A.M...and we continue to do on Fridays. I have never taken so many notes in a single class on a single day and felt so motivated afterwards. We've 5 books to read over the course of the quarter, 4 large projects, and a trip to New York to visit some firms. This class is a PC staple I'm glad to have found my way into.

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