Sunday, June 14, 2009

#2. Second. Twice. II. Two.

We're about to find out the gender of baby #2, currently known as Pumpkin Puckett. He/she is expected to arrive at the end of October, and ever since learning that a second child was on the way, we've started to evaluate how our lives will be twice as busy/full/excited. 2x kids laundry. 2x kids clothes. 2x food. 2x the attention. And yet, twice the love. Twice the joy. Twice the fun. Having 2 will also mean a second child to have a conversation with. To teach. To read to. To sing with. To watch movies with. On paper, it's hard to compare I.) the financial responsibility of 2 children with II.) the personal development & nurturing of such a pair. Lyndsey and I were both second borns and we've had pretty exciting & loving lives. That's pretty much the best we can offer to our two children. Hopefully their lives will be twice as blessed as ours.

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E. Wilder said...

This is wonderful news. Ian is going to look back at this blog post with fondness. It's the start of something special in his life.