Monday, May 5, 2008

Wow. A lot has happened in the past few weeks. So much so, I don't even know where to start. I think what I'll do is jot down a quick list of some important events and then I'll follow up with a story about what happened today. So, here's the latest on the past few months, in no particular order:
  • R.E.M.'s newest album in 4 years is great and I've listened to it way too many times
  • Our creative team at work has been working on the May issue of ROUGH magazine for the Dallas Society of Visual Communications (DSVC). We've got a great concept, had some exciting photo shoots, and it should go to print next week
  • One of my concepts was chosen for a website design for a Dallas law firm...woo hoo!
  • 2 MasonBaronet promotional projects I designed were accepted into the DSVC Professional Show. These are my first two design awards, rock on!
  • My buddy, Ryan, from A&M got married in Galveston last weekend to his longtime girlfriend, Kristie..Congratulations!
  • My brother and his wife had a beautiful baby girl 3 weeks ago, the first girl in our family.
  • MasonBaronet has a 6-page feature in the June issue of HOW magazine, so go check it out. You might even see my name a few times, and my Simpsons Avatar, which I highlighted on this blog many months ago.
  • Ian is starting his potty training, and tonight he went poo poo in his potty while watching Deal or No Deal, all by himself.
That's about it. No big deal, right? Just the weeks in the life of everydaypuck.

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