Friday, October 19, 2007

MasonBaronet is looking for Interns.

Intern Poster
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So the Art Directors each designed 2-color posters that were silk-screened and sent out to schools in the area and around the state. I'll be sending some to Portfolio Center today as well. Perhaps they'll be someone from the Dallas/Fort Worth area that might be interested in taking a quarter off to come intern with us. It'll be cool. We have a lot of fun. So if you know of anybody who might be interested, let me know.

The biggest challenge was having fun with the headline "Prepare for a Sketchy Career." Obviously, I wanted to have some fun with the line and offer a positive view on how a career can be based on the love of sketching & creating ideas. That's the kind of person we're looking for. The Account team here was hesitant that it might turn away people who think we're calling our industry 'sketchy.' I said, it is sketchy, we have 3 electronic pencil sharpeners in our office, 2 handhelds, 14 drawing pads, and over 100 small sketch books! Plus, we're looking for creative interns, not account management interns.

Now if the printer had only gotten the color ended up being almost fluorescent.


Betty said...

hey jason...just happened to stumble on here!! it's me betty from film society (texas a&m)
didn't know where to email decided to leave a comment...haha
(call me slow)
there is something i have meaning to ask you about college...
please shoot me an email at my return email..the gmail one.

Anonymous said...

hey betty how's it going!!! it's luis from film.....