Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Stealing Shyamalan.

Looks like NBC is at it again. First they took his basis from "Unbreakable" and created a mythical tale of everyday people discovering their otherworldly abilities in "Heroes." Now they're turning his Academy Award nominated story of seeing dead people from "The Sixth Sense" into a detective off-beat dramedy with Jeff Goldblum called "Raines." The funny thing is, I know I'm gonna love it.

Last summer I wrote a pre-emptive post on "Heroes" and believed I wasn't going to enjoy it. I couldn't have been more wrong. Again, NBC has got me, and I get the feeling I won't be the only one. With great wit, double-take filmmaking, and Jeff Goldblum in a revitalizing lead role with some great comic timing, it's Monk meets The Office. Even the catchy, big band tune that scores the previews sparks my attention. It's also good to see Madeline Stowe back on the scene. She hasn't made an impact since "The Last of the Mohicans."

Catch it next Wednesday. It Should be great.

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Liza g said...

Uhh---Raines---I liked it better when it was called "Medium"--or "The Ghost Whisperer" (the one with Jennifer Love Hewitt that may already be canceled-not to be confused with the Dog Whisperer --which is actually a pretty cool show).

No one likes talking to living people anymore. And ,really, wasn't it that phony baloney psychic, John Edwards who made talking to dead people cool in the first place (he had that show "Crossing Over").

At least with the show "Raines" they are quick to point out in the commercials that he doesn't actually see ghosts--they are a figment of his imagination-- or at least at the moment

we'll see.

I do love that Heroes show, though!