Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A New Season has Begun.

So I've just gotta say before I hit the sack tonight, that if you missed "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" Monday night, you missed out on one of the best pilots ever shown. It hit all the right notes and at all the right times and sucked me in like a Dyson. And the thing about Dyson's is, they never lose suction, ever. I just caught the episode again on BRAVO, so keep you're eye out on replays around the channel. The writing was great, tons of tight details that followed throughout the show and I'm sure the entire season. The cast was excellent. Not once did I think about Matthew Perry as Chandler or Bradley Whitford and Timothy Busfield as their characters from the West Wing. In fact, now that I think about it, each of their characters on Studio 60 is quite a detour from what they're known for. I look forward to the rest of season and hope it turns out as good as the pilot. Can't wait for the return of Earl and the Office tomorrow. Good night.


Kaye said...

I think the second week of Studio 60 was even better than the first! We have a Monday night show to watch.

Jason said...

yes we do, it was excellent!

Joe said...

The office and earl are classic, but sorry jason.


I won't go off on everything that is wrong with the show, but it is a lot like the West Wing in the latter years.

The one thing it dose have going for it is that monday TV sucks.
It is going against the wort CSI on cbs, and if you can name the show on abc at that time spot I will give you $50.

Any way you are better off using that time spot watching Tivoed episodes of Lost.

Jason said...

I don't watch enough regular TV to want to Tivo it, plus, I'm still a poor college student and can't afford one Mr. Moneybags!