Thursday, June 22, 2006

Please, No More Chips.

I need a new snack. Chips and salsa are just not doing it for me anymore. Oatmeal Creme Pies are good for like a day before I get tired of them. And the animal crackers Lyndsey's mom got from Sam's are just lacking the flavor I need in a good afternoon snack. What kinds of things do you like? I know some of you are going to say an apple, or a banana, or something healthy; and that's ok, but it's something I already know. I'm looking for something new or something that's slipped my mind for the past few years. I love a snack with some good flavor, something that works with water, lemonade, or a coke. Something I can eat with my hands, from a bag or poured into a bowl, and definitely not something that takes an hour to make and is only good for one sitting. I don't mind spending time to make it if it will last a week or two. Any snack ideas?


Liza said...

They make these little 100 calorie baked snack packs and they are DELICIOUS.

oreo, chips ahoy, cheez-its, wheat thins, teddy grahams (those are great, etc.

they hit the spot.

also, fruit and nut trailmix bars are pretty good.

liza G

k said...


don't make fun. soy has a bad rap.
these things are amazing.

Anonymous said...

I lived on Swiss Rolls and a Coke for two years in high school.

minus five said...

cheez-it crackers: particularly the tabasco flavored kind.

goldfish crackers: particularly explosive pizza or any of the "explosive" line.

famous amos cookies.

smartfood white cheddar popcorn.

Susan said...

I love hot tamales! They are my goto snack. Also Sour-Patch kids.

But if I have to chosoe healthy, I go right for the almonds. Good stuff.

~Susan K.

Anonymous said...

ooh Also NUTTY BARS!



Jason said...

Sour Patch Kids are definitely a favorite, but not for a common occurrence. White Cheddar Crisps and 100 calorie snacks sound good. GOLDFISH! They are a classic. Today I'm gonna try and make some Chex Mix, courtesy Next time I'll have to add some goldfish.

Nate, we're not in high school anymore. I still can't believe you could handle all those.

Roger said...

i eat goldfish - regular; mixture of raisins, peanuts, chocolate chips, and sunflower seeds. its great; pita chips; rold gold honey wheat braided twists; celery and peanut butter; popcorn cooked in my pot; some types of dry cereal such as oatmeal squares watch out for transfats in your processed snacks.

A said...

saltines with strawberry jelly on top. you can't eat just one.

Kaye said...

How about Grandma's Poppycock? You might hint for some when she comes to visit!!!


mixed nuts....salted....yum....and good for you.