Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Family Matters.

As I post tonight after a long hiatus from blogging, a pumpkin pie bakes in the oven, 3 dogs sleep in the basement, my wife's parents and my dad sit at the table watching the nightly news while Lyndsey and my mom have crashed for the evening. It must be Thanksgiving! Actually, this is the first of its kind. Since Lyndsey and I have moved into our new place, much bigger than before, we decided to host Thanksgiving lunch this time around. The news of our latest creation caused no sign for argument; in fact, Lyndsey's 3 grandparents chose to join us as well. This means not only quality home cooking, but the added pleasure of grandchild-in-law spoilage. I guess my school projects will have to wait till...sometime.


Anne-Davnes said...

Isn't that nice? Watching family happen around you? We had a crowded Thanksgiving, too. It was a little too hectic, though. And we're already trying to figure out how to have a more sedated Christmas - at least a more peacful one. I love this time of year.

k said...

Schoolwork schmoolwork.

Anne-Davnes said...

Dear Jason,

What a slacker you are.
I don't care if you ARE trying to finish up work for critique... I am SO missing posts on your blog. I mean come ON. You had better write something wonderful over Christmas to make up for theis shameful lack of blogging dedication.

Just pitiful.